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Managed Print Solutions

Stop buying copiers and printers. You don’t need to get another one. Take control of your printing and copying costs and increase efficiency with a managed print solution from Quantum Technologies.
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It Begins with a Small Investment of Your Time. You Provide Us with the Answers to Two Simple Questions.

  • How many people work at a computer in your office or organization?
  • What document output equipment do you use?

With no more than that, we can provide a baseline assessment of your document output environment and current costs. Based on this assessment, together we develop recommendations to help you take control of costs and improve efficiencies.

With more detailed information, such as page volumes, usage patterns, and device locations, we can provide you with a detailed action plan that will help boost productivity, improve efficiencies and realize even more savings for you!

  • Did you know that paying just $125 more for a printer results in a 32% lower operating cost?
  • Do you know how many toners/ink jet cartridges you have in the supplies cabinet for printers you no longer have and they are so old you can no longer get credit if you tried to return them? We have plans that keep that from happening.
  • Did you know there are fixed price plans at $0.02 per page for highlight color on a page and at $0.05 per page if you lay it on thick, max? And by the way … maintenance is included, just add paper.
To discover if there are ways like these for you to control printing costs and see if there are some immediate savings for you, call us at 636-349-6600 or fill out the contact form below.

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