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At first glance, your copier and printer choices may seem over-whelming, with a dizzying array of technical data to sift through. By taking a few minutes though to analyze your needs and answer the questions below, we can help determine the best copier or printer for your manufacturing plant, school, law or financial firm, healthcare facility, or any business type.

We have experience in all business sectors and our customers’ needs range from a single black and white desktop printer to hundreds of multifunction copiers and printers.


This Sampling Makes the Decision-Making Process Painless.

  • How many copier / printer users in your office?

  • Do you only print or also copy, scan, fax and email?

  • Color or black and white, or both?

  • What size media? 8.5×11, 8.5×14, 11×17, larger?

  • Print media types? Plain paper, letterhead, card stock, glossy, photographs, transparencies, magnets, synthetics, other?

  • Printing projects? Reports, PPT presentations, booklets, brochures, direct mail, decals, magnets, posters, invoices, other?

  • Monthly page print volume? How many reams?

  • Desired print speed? How many pages per minute?

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Since 2009, total annual HIPPA penalties imposed upon U.S. healthcare facilities have skyrocketed from $2.5 mil to almost $30 mil in 2018.

Nothing is more important than ensuring the security and confidentiality of your patients.


It is amazing how many healthcare offices are convinced they are HIPAA compliant but discover otherwise once we have assessed their system and office equipment. We see it all the time.


  • Confidently send confidential documents OUTSIDE of your network with secure file exchange

  • Fax sensitive patient information (your fax software may not meet current compliance standards)

  • Transmit large files – MRIs – with ease

  • Establish accountable audit trail

  • Print-on-Demand security eliminates unclaimed documents left at the copier (it’s estimated that 25% of print jobs are never picked up)

Healthcare providers are responsible for a lot more than patient care. Did you know that to ensure the integrity, confidentiality and availability of electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI), HIPAA specifies over 40 physical, administrative and technical standards healthcare staff need to comply with?

One of the biggest challenges is not transmitting personal health information inside a provider’s own network, but outside the network, to other healthcare and insurance providers, legal experts and others. This means Electronic Medical Records must meet compliance standards your office equipment and software must be SECURED, ENCRYPTED and FULLY AUDITED.

Although small healthcare providers are arguably most at risk of violating HIPAA regulations due to their lack of infrastructure, staffing, budget, etc., ALL healthcare providers need to be vigilant.


Have an issue with your office equipment? We are THE St. Louis area Xerox & HP authorized service & repair center. 4 – 8 hour on-site response time! Our service reputation is next to none. Ask any of our customers.


A Tricky Balance Between Privacy, Public Safety & The Right to Know

Educating the next generation has never been one dimensional or easy, or without the need for strict adherence to school policies and state and federal regulations.

There are many sensitive issues at play concerning the protection of a student’s personal identification and their health information while acknowledging the need to share confidential information with educators, parents, administrators, legal entities, and outside state and federal educational agencies. What if the school or outside agency wants to identify students who have not been immunized against measles to protect the rest of the student body?

The increasing prevalence of Individual Education Programs (IEPs) developed for students with special needs is of particular concern. The public exposure of this sensitive and often damaging information can fuel the social stigma fire and add to the public misconception attached to certain physical or psychological behaviors or traits.

FERPA & HIPAA Compliance

Both the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) were established to govern the privacy and disclosure of personal identification and health information.

Violation of these regulations is no laughing matter and could be a costly one, resulting in large monetary penalties, denial of federal funds, disciplinary action, and the possible termination of guilty parties.


  • Securely send large confidential files, including video, to OUTSIDE entities

  • Fax personal information safely (your fax software may not meet current compliance standards)

  • Establish accountable audit trail

  • Print-on-Demand security eliminates unclaimed documents left at the copier (it’s estimated that 25% of print jobs are never picked up)

  • Document encryption and government DOD standard overwrite


Not Sure Which Multifunction Copier / Printer is Right For Your Office?

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Solutions for Large and Small Manufacturing Facilities

The printing needs of manufacturers running 2nd and 3rd shifts run the gamut, from purchase orders, to inventory reports, regulatory records, invoicing, shipping labels, billing, SOPs, sales reports, presentations, envelopes and more. A continuous daily flow of digital and paper documents need to be produced, accessed, routed and stored.

This is especially true if you have an in-house marketing or creative department. Marketing churns out reams of paper, heavy on the color and tabloid size.

Even smaller manufacturers print a variety of documents since their needs can be identical, only on a smaller scale. They may also have similar “marketing” needs, but in the form of manuals, handouts and product cards, but not brochure design layouts or presentations.

And, as they say in real estate—location, location, location. This is especially true in the office equipment world. How robust your unit needs to be and what finishing options are “a must” also depends on its physical location in the plant and how many people use it. Accounting may crank out stacks of paper periodically but sit virtually idle at other times. While the Planning department may never stop and print thousands and thousands each month. Don’t forget Shipping, Procurement, Customer Service and HR.

All of these factors, and more, determine which is the best copier and printer for your manufacturing company. Fortunately, a large part of our job is working closely with our customers and gathering information to determine which copier goes where and which unit is the best fit for their needs. We can help you do the same.

Just call us and we’ll be happy to visit your site and discuss a game plan. Seeing your operation firsthand also gives us the opportunity to strategize ways to save you money by making sure you’re not “over buying” but rather getting exactly what you need rather than what you think you may need.

You can count on us for all your copier & printer, office equipment needs – sales, leasing, supplies, service and repair.




Security compliance and client confidentiality rank among the primary concerns at all law firms, especially when transmitting electronic documents, including faxes, which may number in the hundreds at larger firms. But law firms are also still extremely paper dependent, printing an estimated 78 pages on average, per user, each day.

FACT: Law firms use/consume more paper, by far, than any other industry, which also means consumables—toner cartridges, fusers and drums. Consider this Exhibit A. They are also famously known for keeping storage shelves stuffed full of boxes, which are stuffed full of paper documents. It’s the nature of the beast.

Despite advances in digital technology and the ubiquitous use of popular online legal databases such as Westlaw and Lexis, many attorneys still favor paper—something tactile to hold in their hands and make notes on and take home to read for case preparation or client meetings.

Paper or digital—affidavits, contracts, trusts, RFPs or reams of administrative documents, law firms require efficiency at the highest level, top security, high-volume printing and high-speed scanning, faxing and copying.

The legal industry is very methodical and intentional, but also surprisingly fast-paced when the heat is on.


Now let’s get down to it. Billable hours. Hardly two words more important or revered in the legal industry, except maybe, “your honor.”

Outfitting your law firm with the most advanced and best multifunction office copiers and printers will guarantee more billable hours, if used properly. From single-pass, two-sided scanning and copying to automating repetitive daily job functions using a variety of easy-to-use apps available on Xerox’s Altalink and Versalink MFPs, law firms can increase workflow efficiencies and save time. More billable hours!


    Increase Security Measures with the ability to…

  • Securely send large confidential files, including video and medical documents, to OUTSIDE parties
  • Fax confidential information safely (your fax software may not meet current compliance standards)
  • Establish accountable audit trail
  • Print-on-Demand security eliminates unclaimed documents left at the copier (it’s estimated that 25% of print jobs are never picked up)
  • Document encryption with DOD level security

    Increase Functionality and Efficiencies with Xerox ConnectKey apps

  • Access documents faster
  • Automate repetitive daily functions
  • Print from your phone
  • 44 language translation software
  • Print or scan to and from Cloud


Have an issue with your office equipment? We are THE St. Louis area Xerox & HP authorized service & repair center. 4 – 8 hour on-site response time! Our service reputation is next to none. Ask any of our customers.



It’s no secret that financial and accounting firms produce a multitude of complex, sensitive digital records and paper documents, in addition to mounds of administrative paperwork. In fact, the financial industry ties for second place with the healthcare industry, only behind law firms, in paper consumption.

And as with the legal and healthcare professions, automating workflow processes is key to cutting print costs for financial firms. Security is also a major concern, protecting confidential client documents within the office and when faxing information to outside parties.

Xerox’s ConnectKey, with its plethora of available workflow apps, makes it easy to facilitate automated daily repetitive job functions—saving money and increasing billable hours—while adding top security measures to your operation.

Typically, not a color-driven industry, financial firms have an easier decision-making process when choosing the best copiers and prints for their needs.

Consider the Xerox Versalink black and white B405 MFP or the HP LaserJet Enterprise black and white M632 MFP.

If color is a necessity, you can be confident choosing one of Xerox’s or HP’s color MFPs with print speeds up to 70 printed pages per minute and the ability to print media sizes ranging from 8.5 x 11 to tabloid.

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  • $35 – On-site Trip Charge (within 35 mile radius)
  • $95 hr – Mono Printers (1 hr min.)
  • $120 hr – Color Printers/MFPs
  • $130 hr – HP DesignJets (2 hr min.)
  • $45 – Diagnostic charge (applied to repairs)
  • $80 hr – Mono Printers/MFPs (1 hr min.)
  • $100 hr – Color Printers/MFPs (1 hr min.)

PLEASE NOTE: We are not able to service HP OfficeJet, DeskJet or Envy class printers, either under warranty or non-warranty. HP services these units directly.