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For 28 years we have served small and large businesses in the greater St. Louis metro area and Illinois, from universities to hospitals, schools to manufacturers, and more! We are proud to be an imageOne Company, focused on Delivering the X. We live in the community and serve each of our customers with care and respect. We know our customers by first name and we cheer their successes and appreciate their loyalty. Our philosophy is that we are all in this together.


As a leader in commercial office equipment and managed print solutions for businesses in the greater St. Louis area and Illinois, we have developed long-standing client relationships with major universities, law firms, manufacturers, hospitals, medical offices, mom-and-pop operations, among others. Whatever your industry, you can bet we serve it and are familiar with your unique demands and can confidently recommend the best office copiers and printers to streamline your daily workflow and help you save money.


Our top priority is to save our customers valuable time, money and resources, while greatly improving their office efficiencies and workflow capabilities.

Take advantage of our years of experience and let us create a complimentary managed print “Workflow Solutions” assessment of your office to measure individual copier and printer usage, page print volume and more. You would be amazed how helpful and cost effective developing a custom Managed Print program is in helping regulate your printers and copiers more efficiently and track precious supply inventory like laser printer toners, ink cartridges, drums, and fusers. After all, you have better things to do. Like make a profit! That’s where we come in.


Our objective is to share our expert knowledge to assist you in choosing the best commercial office copiers, printers, fax machines and software options for your business, large or small, from teams of three to three hundred.

It begins with us asking simple questions to help us understand your daily operation, print volume demands, and current and future needs. Based on this information, we drill down and narrow your choices to the business office copiers and printers best suited for your needs. We know that one size does not fit all and we have found this approach also helps our customers avoid paralyzing consumer “brain lock.”

The choices are many and we know the technical information can be overwhelming, that’s why we’re here to help minimize the confusion and ensure you get the office equipment you need.


Security issues are a menace globally and locally, constantly evolving and growing scarier every day. You may have already experienced a security breach at your workplace. It can leave you feeling disconcerted, vulnerable and helpless. Not to mention, the potential loss of millions of dollars and your clients’ trust.

That’s why it’s so important to team with a respected and established office equipment company that knows the print and security industry. We offer the latest printer and copier security solutions BEFORE your business is crippled by internal security breaches or outside hackers.

When it comes to print security issues, put your mind at ease, as our Xerox and HP office copiers and printers are armed with the most up to date, high-security apps and software. Backed by decades of breakthrough research and development, Xerox and HP are the recognized print security experts in the copier and printer industry and are continuously developing and introducing new security measures and software solutions.

Xerox’s ConnectKey® is a perfect example of successfully combining security measures with office workflow problem-solving software to bring peace of mind to your business while enhancing its productivity and efficiency.

Is your medical office equipment HIPPA compliant? Would “user authentication” before printing give you peace of mind? Encryption for wireless transmissions is more than a buzzword these days—it is an everyday line of defense.

These are just a few of the “real world” security issues we all navigate every day. We take your security issues as seriously as you do and we’re here to help accomplish your security goals.


Whether you’re buying or leasing a business multifunction copier and printer, a laser or inkjet printer, all office equipment needs to be maintained, just like your car, and our authorized Xerox and HP service and repair technicians—with over 80 years combined industry experience—will quickly get you out of a jam if something does come up.

We service the entire St. Louis region. Our on-site repair and service response time is typically 4 – 8 hours. You won’t find that kind of prompt service anywhere else, just one more reason why our customers remain loyal, and in turn, we make sure we are there when they need us. Our job is to eliminate as much downtime as possible on your end. We are committed to your success!

Repair Services


Have a question regarding our products or services? Glad to help! Please use the form below to contact us. Rest assured, there is an actual person on the other end and we always respond promptly. Or, pick up the phone to immediately speak to your Business Print Consultant or a service tech.

Interested in scheduling a consultation at your office? We’re delighted to do so. Just pick a time that is convenient for you. From all of us at Quantum Technologies, THANK YOU!