Office Equipment Lease or Purchase

Pay Over Time or Pay Upfront

First, determine the cost of the office printer or copier you need. Typically, with units costing more than $2,000, customers choose to lease rather than outlay the total purchase price upfront. But, if it’s a small desktop unit, no question, buying is your best choice.

As the business adage goes:

If it appreciates, buy it. If it depreciates, lease it.


  • No saving pennies in a mason jar waiting for the big shopping day.

  • Depending on the size of the business, number of users and printing demands, this could mean spending as much as $15,000 – $100,000 out of pocket. Even more.

    Leasing gives you the luxury to reserve capital for other opportunities. It also offers you the flexibility and financial freedom to make other business-related purchases (oh, heck, maybe a cruise) or take advantage of unexpected business opportunities, including the ability to add staff as your business grows.

  • Obviously, the negative to getting a bank loan is that your credit is affected and your future borrowing power limited.

  • We have options your bank doesn’t. Maybe funds are limited or your credit is not so perfect. Or your business is seasonal with predictable high’s and low’s, which means up and down cash flow during certain periods of the year. With the right leasing partner though, payments can be structured to meet your business financial circumstances, whatever they may be.

  • Eliminates surprises. If the price of oil goes up or the economy tanks, your monthly payment remains constant, easily budgeted and accounted for.

  • No matter the brand or model office copier or printer you purchase or lease, just like your car, it will need regular maintenance. That’s guaranteed. And just as your car, boat, truck, snowmobile (anything but a bicycle) needs oil and gas, your office equipment will need toner, ink, fusers, drums, etc. Purchasing a copier or printer can mean all service calls and cost of supplies are out-of-pocket. With service calls ranging from $45 – $130 an hour, owning rather than leasing can become an expensive proposition and cashflow killer.

  • Whereas, purchased equipment is depreciated over a period of time. Check with your accountant for the latest tax law interpretation.

  • The mid-term point of your lease is the ideal time to make any technological updates to stay current with your business’s growing demands.

  • Now what? At the end of the life of your copier or printer what do you do with it? If you run it for seven or more years, typical of customers who purchase, you have not only missed the opportunity for updates and technical advancements throughout its life, but finding a buyer for a used, unfurbished copier could be difficult. Resale value is nominal.

  • Need a booklet maker? Include it in the lease and get the latest equipment now.

Partner With Us

For 28 years we’ve partnered with hundreds of St. Louis area businesses. Contact us today to discuss leasing a copier, printer or MFP for your business. We are happy to visit your facility to assess your needs.