Professional Document Language Translation Service


Have you tried using a “free” online language translation platform or service? If you have, undoubtedly you have experienced the frustration of sloppy and unreliable translations.

Run your own simple beta test by plugging in the identical copy into two different online translation platforms and see what comes out on the other end. Odds are, not the same content. Words and phrases often vary, which means the literal meaning of your text is inconsistent and more than likely – WRONG!

That could be embarrassing and costly.


A scarier thought though, is the reality that now your document content is in the public domain. Remember, EVERYTHING you plug into a search engine, e.g., Google, whether text or images, is shared with the rest of the world. It’s floating out there in the ether for everybody’s eyes. That includes sensitive documents and images related to legal or medical issues, business contracts, sales reports, employee agreements and more. You get the idea.


Do Your client’s, customer’s or employees speak a different language than you? Don’t get frustrated, get XEROX’S EASY TRANSLATION SERVICE app. It’s easy and quick.

Xerox’s professional document translation service can be accessed on your MFP (multifunction printer), PC or even your phone, and quickly and reliably translate English to Spanish, Dutch, Chinese, French, Arabic, and vice versa. In fact, you can translate into more than 40 languages.

It’s like having the United Nations on speed dial.

And Microsoft Word docs are not the only file types XERXO’S EASY TRANSLATION SERVICE can handle. PowerPoint files, Excel, PDFs, jpgs, gifs, and many more file types can go bilingual.

The XEROX EASY TRANSLATOR SERVICE offers four different tiers of language translation priority suited to your needs.


  • 1)  MACHINE: When you need it fast. Easy to use and secure, MACHINE level can be accessed directly from your business MFP, phone or PC.
  • 2)  EXPRESS: Recommended for high-volume and timely material. This level includes private, secure software translation AND will also be post-edited by an actual human being, a certified native translator, to ensure your document translation results in coherent and fluent sentences and meaning.
  • 3)  PROFESSIONAL: Is for higher-level documents such as contracts, proposals, in-depth articles, etc., with your text translated by a native speaker of the targeted language.
  • 4)  EXPERT: Is best suited for translating business-specific and highly specialized, medical or scientific content by a team of native-speaking, expert translators experienced and trained in your field of endeavor.


All four levels are accessible simply by subscribing to and downing Xerox’s Easy Translator app. Compared to using an online language translation platform or an unvetted translation service and not knowing its full capabilities or whether your document will be kept secure and private, you can trust Xerox with over a hundred years serving businesses ranging from home offices to Fortune 500 corporations. Who would you trust?


  • Text-based files:

    • Text Documents

    • Microsoft Word

    • Microsoft PowerPoint

    • Microsoft Office Excel

    • Rich Text Format

    • Plain Text

    • OpenOffice

    Localization Files:

    • HTML

    • Subrip subtitle

    • Trados TagEditor

    • XML Localization Interchange

    • Portable object


    • .pdf

    • .jpg, .jpeg, .jfif, .jp2, .jpc

    • .tif, .tiff

    • .djvu, .djv

    • .bmp

    • .inx

    • .jb2

    • .png

    • .gif

  • Yes, this is something we do all the time with our human translation services. Just upload your presentation to our web portal and it will automatically calculate the time required to fulfill your request, along with a price quote. For the most accurate and timely translation results, we recommend you ensure your presentation has a simple layout with no complex graphics or background colors. We would also advise you to use original PowerPoint files, but if it is a scanned presentation please make sure that the resolution of the document is between 300 and 600 dpi.

  • Yes. Our Expert translation services are designed for these type of document requirements. Our Expert level service guarantees high-quality translation of complex texts with complicated terminology. When you select this translation type, your order is processed by a professional translator with experience in the field. The translation is then proofread by a scientific editor.

  • For this type of order, you should choose either Machine or Express services. The difference between these services is the Express translation includes machine translation with human post-editing. This creates an end product that is syntactically coherent and reads fluently. Machine translation services are fully automatic and do not include additional human work. To try the machine translation service please feel free to use our trial subscription. This option is available after you have already registered. This allows you to decide whether your document should be handled by a human translator, or if the machine output is sufficient for your needs.

  • Our Expert translation services are most suitable in this instance. Professionals with experience in your subject area will translate your document and then the text will undergo mandatory editing.

  • Xerox® Easy Translator Service is the first comprehensive language translation service that allows you to easily and securely solve all your translation tasks at any time and via multiple access points: your smartphone, PC and even a Xerox® MFP! With Xerox® Easy Translator Service you can translate your hardcopy documents and order human translation services for files in any formats and of any volume in a few clicks directly from your browser! The unique cloud translation service is designed to:

    • Save your time
      thanks to direct online access to the professional translation, you can translate either a hard copy or a digital document in seconds with no additional time-consuming efforts spent on searching for translation agencies, services, or translators.

    • Save your money
      thanks to а highly flexible range of translation services, you can select the most suitable solution for your translation task according to not only your budget but also the project type and deadline requirements

    • Deliver best-quality results for the selected human translation types
      we work only with tested and trusted professionals who are native speakers from all over the world, use advanced translation automation technologies to ensure translation accuracy and employ a multi-stage approach to guarantee the highest quality of final results.

  • Most of free online machine translation services utilize user data in order to improve quality of the service. Therefore, it is not advisable to submit private data to such online translation services since they do not guarantee security of your confidential information.

    Xerox® Easy Translator Service provides a “no trace” option, which ensures that there will not be any record of any portion of your data in the machine translation engine. An additional advantage of Xerox® Easy Translator Service is that it utilizes a powerful OCR technology that allows you to submit data in non-editable formats and ensures that formatting of your original documents is retained in the resulting translations.

Have questions? Contact us for more information and to get you started with your professional and expertly accurate document language translation service. Email us at or call us at 636-349-6600