Top 7 Reasons to Dump Your Office Printer

We got a call from a customer recently whose office printer just shot craps. Because it happened “suddenly,” an inconvenience turned into an emergency.

It was obviously a real-time situation because I could hear her boss in the background encouraging her (if you know what I mean) to find a replacement as soon as possible.

After talking her down off the ledge, it was quickly assessed the printer had actually been giving her telltale hints for the last several weeks that something was not right and needed attention.

But, as is sometimes the case, a printer’s lonely cry for help goes unheeded by the user and then it goes down for the count, leaving no alternative but to replace it as soon as possible.

Getting S.O.S office equipment phone calls is not entirely unusual but typically we first get an email(s) or phone call inquiring about an issue, possibly smudge marks on paper, printing light after installation of new toner, etc. Often, we’re able to triage these situations over the phone without a service call, but if the warning signs go unheeded too long, even a service call may not resuscitate the printer and it’s time to replace. With your boss standing over your shoulder, you don’t want that.

That’s why a little vigilance goes a long way when monitoring office copiers and printers for your business. A 24-hour candlelight vigil may be a little extreme, but keeping a keen eye on print page quality and looking and listening for signs of trouble, can translate into saving time, aggravation and money.

What to look for? You might ask. We’re glad you did. Below are 7 clues that your printer may not be cutting the mustard and needs to be deep-sixed at the recycling center to be melted down into a lowly fax machine. A shameful way to go.

How to Know When it’s Time to Replace Your Printer


    • You don’t need to cut back on printing to save print costs. That’s a little drastic and counterproductive. It may be that you have older printers, past their prime, and not as efficient as newer models. It may be time to upgrade, an investment that saves money over time and keeps your business up to date with the latest office copier and printer technology.

    • Choosing a smart printer equipped with a print management system is another great way to cut costs. The Xerox Versalink family of business printers, are “out-of-the-box” printers designed for small and medium size businesses and equipped to track printer usage—who, what, when, where, how.


    • A 2017 report illustrated that 43% of ALL cyber attacks target small businesses—and more often the not, the office printer was the main target. If your printer doesn’t have security features built-in, it may be time to consider a new printer outfitted with the latest security software.

    • Choosing a smart printer equipped with a print management system is another great way to cut costs. The Xerox Versalink family of business printers, are “out-of-the-box” printers designed for small and medium size businesses and equipped to track printer usage—who, what, when, where, how.


      • Authentication. This option prompts users to enter their PIN in the printer to release a print. This eliminates sensitive documents from being left unsecured at the device. This also cuts back dramatically on print waste. It’s estimated that 25% of print jobs are left unclaimed at the printer.

      • Print encryption. So, how DO hackers swipe your data? One way is to intercept your UNencrypted data as it is being transferred. File encryption software protects your data as it “moves,” ensuring its safety from creation to destination.

      • Password protected scanning. Does your office allow unrestricted scanning? Naughty, naughty, naughty. If so, you’re potentially allowing sensitive information to fall into the wrong hands. A smart multifunction printer (copier and printer), allows you to password protect your PDFs so only assigned people can access the data.


    • If you choose wisely, a new office printer or MFP should have the capability to help you streamline document workflows and improve productivity. Xerox’s newest MFPs with ConnectKey use high-tech app technology to improve productivity by making repetitive everyday tasks simpler and faster to perform by pushing one button.


    • Between travel schedules and remote positions becoming more prevalent, your team needs the capability to print from anywhere at any time. Xerox and HP printers and MFPs make printing from any mobile device to any brand of printer efficient and seamless

    • If your MFP doesn’t allow you to scan and print to and from popular cloud services like Microsoft Office 365, Dropbox and Google Drive, it’s time to update your business printer or MFP. The only caveat to updating is that you may quickly become spoiled given the flexibility to set up workflows and print from these cloud services without being anchored to your desktop.


    • Not all businesses need the ability to translate documents, but let’s face it, this is becoming a reality of doing business. Unless you’re multi-lingual, consider an MFP that can provide quick, easy and secure translations in more than 38 languages. Xerox’s Altalinks and Versalink multifunction copiers and printers are equipped with translation software powered by ConnectKey.


    • There isn’t a SMB owner who hasn’t squeezed their eyes and blown out their birthday candles wishing for more business. You’ll take growth anywhere and anyway you can get it. If your business is growing, congratulations, so now it’s time to upgrade your printer or MFP to meet increasing demands.

    • If growth is an issue it would be wise to choose a business printer with Wi-Fi and remote capabilities to scan from your smart device, scan to email, and share content using Wi-Fi Direct Certified to give your team or visitors the option to print from their smart devices.


    • Boy oh boy, if there is any department you want to stay on its good side, it’s IT. Make enemies there and with one flick of the switch, literally, you’ll be making woodblock prints.

    • Here’s a bit of impressive and frightening watercooler trivia, 40-60% of all IT calls are printer related. You’ve been warned. In your search for a new Xerox or HP printer or MFP seek out devices that have built-in, problem-solving capabilities like video tutorials and searchable HELP right on the touchscreen.

    • The new intelligent Versalink and Altalink printers and MFPs from Xerox will go a long way in helping you meet all of the challenges we’ve explored so you can stay focused on things that really matter, like running your business and winning the office football pool.

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