Professional Document Language Translation Services

How many times have you copied and pasted text from a Word document into Google Language Translator? If you have, then you have undoubtedly experienced the frustration of using a plug-and-play, or in this case, a copy-and-paste online translation service.

Did it work? Was it accurate? Trustworthy? Secure? Remember, EVERYTHING that is fed through Google essentially becomes public domain just because there is no way of protecting it once it goes out into the ether.

Now, take that same text and plug it into a different online translation site and see what you get. Probably not the same thing. Different language usage? Different meaning? Oops! Mea Culpa.

But the fallout may be much more serious than a simple “my bad.” It could mean your job.

What if it’s a sensitive medical or legal document, or binding contract, and what you thought was a reliable language translator butchered words, phrases or entire sentences, possibly resulting in inappropriate action, unnecessary costs, misinterpretation or embarrassment.

The good news is doing business in a multi-lingual culture doesn’t have to be a high-risk, scary proposition. Xerox offers a professional document translation service you can easily access by app on your MFP (multifunction printer), PC or even your phone. Quick and reliable, XEROX’S EASY TRANSLATOR SERVICE translates English to Spanish, Dutch, Czech or Chinese, and vice versa in minutes. In fact, you have over 40 languages to choose from. Talk about multi-lingual. Watch this short Xerox video to learn more.

Maybe you have something other than a Word doc? PowerPoint? Excel? PDF? Jpg? Gif? And more.

XEROX’S EASY TRANSLATOR SERVICE offers four tiers of language translation priority.

  • MACHINE. When you need it fast. Easy to use and secure, MACHINE level can be accessed directly from your MFP, phone or PC.
  • EXPRESS. Recommended for high-volume and timely material. This level includes private, secure software translation, same as at MACHINE level, but your document’s translation is also post-edited by a certified native translator to ensure your document translation results in coherent and fluent sentences and meaning.
  • PROFESSIONAL. The go-to for higher-level critical documents such as contracts, proposals, in-depth articles. Your document goes directly to a native speaker of your language of choice for translation.
  • EXPERT. Is best suited for translating business-specific and highly specialized medical or scientific content by a team of native-speaking, expert translators experienced and trained in your field of endeavor.

All four levels are accessible with a nominal subscription and downloading Xerox’s EASY TRANSLATOR SERVICE app. Levels 2, 3 and 4 require an additional fee for human eyeballs based on document size. Compared to hiring an unknown, untested, online translation service and not knowing what you’re getting into, on the other hand, Xerox is a trusted industry name with over one hundred years serving businesses globally from home offices to Fortune 500 corporations.

Who would you trust?

Contact us today for more information and to get you started with your professional and expertly accurate document language translation service.

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